Custom (Your Pet) Portrait. Worldwide Shipping.
Custom (Your Pet) Portrait. Worldwide Shipping.

Step 1: Choose your portrait template, canvas size/phone cover model, and place your order.

Step 2: Once you have made your purchase, upload/email us an image of your pet (see photo tips below).

Step 3: Digital portraits are completely customized to each individual, so it can take anywhere from 7-10 business days to complete.

Here are some tips to help you can get a great photo, right from your smart phone.

  • Get a close up of your subject, this way we can better see the details.
  • Get on their level! Crouch down when taking the photo!
  • The best poses are when your pet is either sitting or standing, not laying down.
  • Light is so important when it comes to a good photo. Outdoor daylight is always the best option!